About Us

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit organization (Federal Tax ID: 47-1827600) working as a team consisting of volunteers who share a passion for saving the lives of homeless, unwanted, neglected and abused dogs. Our main focus is on Seniors, Medical Cases and Abused German Shepherds. We also handle other Large and Mix Breeds, those with medical issues and some often deemed “hard to adopt.” We work tirelessly to get the necessary medical treatments and rehabilitation these dogs need to where they are adoptable. We maintain a very thorough adoption process including reference checks and home visits to ensure each of our dogs are placed with the right family.

Further, we have a passion for human senior citizens that would love to live with a furry companion and spend their senior days together, enjoying the good life. Val’s Pals understands that there are many senior citizens out there that would love a dog, but are on a fixed income and the expense is too much or they worry who will take the dog if something happens to them. Our goal is to place senior dogs with senior citizens while they remain the property of Val’s Pals. This allows us to remain responsible to provide medical care and our volunteers will assist in taking the dogs to their vet appointments. We will have a volunteer who will do welfare checks to ensure that our senior citizens along with their companion are doing well. Val’s Pals will always take these dogs back when and if needed or if and when the time comes that our senior citizen can no longer care for the dog.

Did you know German Shepherds are in the top 3 of most popular breeds? With that high standing, they are also in the top 3 to be turned into shelters or dumped on the streets. Sadly over 80% of dogs turned in or picked up by Houston shelters never make it out alive. In our opinion, this is not a shelter problem but an irresponsible owner and breeder problem. Val’s Pals will also be focusing on outreach in our community to educate the public about the homeless dog problem in the Houston area.  We will emphasize the importance of spay and neuter to help keep the overwhelming numbers of unwanted dogs down.  With this we strive to be part of the overall solution to the root of the problem.

Val’s Pals German Shepherd Dog and Large Paw Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster home based, non-profit dog rescue based out of Houston, Texas.

100% of all donated funds to our organization are used in the care of our dogs. None of our volunteers or Officers are compensated for their efforts.