Adoption Policies


About Val’s Pals

We are a non-profit organization that runs solely on monetary donations as well as donated time by volunteers. We do not have any type of a facility and all of our dogs live with foster families in their home.

Our dogs

Val’s Pals mainly focuses on German Shepherd dogs and other large purebreds or mix breeds. We are dedicated to rescuing as many dogs as we can afford as well as have a foster home for. Many of our dogs come from high kill shelters, as well as strays, unwanted, neglected and cruelty cases. Our focus is to provide them with the proper medical care, socialization, as well as love and care. The long term goal is to match them with the right family and home where they will continue to thrive and become loyal and loving members of the family.

Applying for a particular dog

You are welcome to list the dog(s) you are most interested in on your application, however if the placement team is already working with previously approved adopters with that particular dog, there is a chance by the time you are approved the dog could no longer be available for adoption. If this happens, the placement coordinator will work with you to meet other dogs in our program that might be a good fit, as well as being first in line once you are approved to meet any new dogs we get in.

Application Process

Please make sure your application is completely filled out and your references are expecting our calls. Most applications are processed within 5 to 7 days.

Email Contact

Please be aware that some email services may flag our messages as spam, so be sure to check your spam filters if you are not receiving any expected messages.

Adoption Process

Once approved, you will be contacted by the placement coordinator who will help you schedule time to meet the dog you are interested in. You will be working with the foster family on the adoption once you have started the meeting process.


  • We require adopters to be a minimum of 22 years old.
  • Adoption application must be submitted, with a minimum of two references required.
  • Vet reference required for current or previous dog owners. First time dog owners might require additional personal references.
  • Home visit required
  • Dogs with any known prey drive, will not be adopted out to homes with small animals (cats, dogs, caged animals) or young kids under 5.
  • If out of area adoption, adopter needs to arrange transport of adopted dog. Transportation must be approved by Val’s Pals.
  • We are volunteers and not professionals, therefor we do not adopt out service dogs or dogs to be used as service dogs.
  • Proof of ownership or purchase of large to extra large crate is required before adoption and before the dog to go to the adoptive home. Please keep in mind that most German Shepherds are very capable of opening or breaking out of a crate and we suggest the heavy duty, top of the line crates.
  • New owners must present an ID tag with the name of dog and at least one phone number at the time of adoption. The new ID tag must be on the dog before the dog leaves the foster home. We strongly recommend that the Val’s Pals ID tag stay on the dog after adoption as a secondary form of contact should the dog get out or go missing.
  • Val’s Pals reserves the right to revoke an application at any time during the placement process.




Our reasoning for not doing trials or overnights, is that the dog came to us from Place A, went into Place B (foster) moved to Place C (you, trial home) if you choose not to keep the dog, they will come back to most likely Place D (a new foster, because foster B already took another foster) then it goes to Place E (adopter) This is way too much moving around for a dog in a short amount of time and can lead to mental and emotional instability. We do your best to keep our dogs as mentally and emotionally healthy as possible knowing their past was most likely very saddening, unstable, and possibly even neglectful or abusive.  If you wish to try out a dog, please look into our foster to adopt program so even if the dog does not work with you, it will be safe and can reside with you until a permanent home comes along and will not need to be moved around.