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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of Hansel, that number seems small. The before and after photographs of Hansel tell a story of unspeakable cruelty but also immeasurable hope. Our rescue is inundated daily with requests to help dogs in need. These cases range in severity, but…
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Voyage Houston Interview

Voyage Houston did an interview with Vals Pals president Mike Hermon. You can see it online here

CJ – Sometimes you can’t say no

The work we do at Val’s Pals is rewarding but rarely easy. Our mission of caring for dogs in the most dire situations means we often see the worst cases of suffering and cruelty. Despite all the dogs we’ve treated, every now and then we come upon a circumstance of abuse so egregious that even…
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Hansel: The Dog Who Found Hope in the Storm

For all the people and animals in the city of Houston, Hurricane Harvey was a time of pain, fear, and destruction. Except for a cowering dog named “Hansel”. Despite the flooding and devastation of his city, Hansel was experiencing the only peace he’d ever known in his life. Three days before the record-breaking storm made…
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Ryder, The Unchained Spirit

On June 20th, “Ryder” came to Val’s Pals. A few grim sentences on his intake chart summed up his life up until that moment: “His coat is faded, his ears burned from a life outside. He was found roaming with this chain and padlock around his neck. The chain, embedded into his neck. He was…
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Volk’s Tale: When a Rescue Becomes the Rescuer

The name “Volk” is Russian for “wolf”, but unlike his wild namesake, Volk is part of a pack that is always changing. Volk’s humans are avid German Shepherd Dog rescuers, and Volk is an essential part of the rehabilitation and recovery of each foster pup that comes into his home. Each sick, frightened, and desperate…
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Lifes a Beach – Noah’s Journey

On 2/27/2016 I was lucky enough to adopt Noah. I found out about Noah and his injuries as one of my close friends fosters for the rescue that saved Noah. I followed his recovery and drafted a letter to the rescue which I had been approved to adopt from. I highlighted what I felt I…
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Who Saved Who?

Fostering Noah Saturday, September 26, 2015, Noah entered my life.  My friend Dr. Sarah Dewhirst, a veterinarian at VERGI, notified me of a particularly alarming case that she had.  Noah had been brought in with his metacarpal bones of his right forelimb fully exposed and a severe and infected wound on his neck.  She was…
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Unintentional Foster

I have had dogs most of my life, there were times here and there when I was younger that I didn’t, but there has been dogs in my life more years than there hasn’t. Poodles to Rottweilers, mixed breed to pure, small, large, skinny, fat, hyper to mellow. I have had them all. As different…
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Noah suffered some horrific abuse that resulted in his right front paw being removed leaving exposed bone and tissue. When Vals took him in the original plan was to amputate the leg at his shoudler, however that changed when word got out about him. 100’s of people stepped up to donate and we were able…
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