bitsy2Bitsy was first spotted living in a field, pregnant and scarred. A wonderful volunteer with Val’s Pals watched over her every day and made sure she had food. She contacted SAVE RESCUE who agreed to take on Miss Bitsy if she could be caught, did that ever turn out to be a challenge! Multiple attempts to catch Bitsy over a month were unsuccessful, then Bitsy had her babies, 9 cute puppies, we knew then it was time to act fast and get her and her babies out of that field. The guardian and volunteer who had been watching over Bitsy quickly raised the funds to have Animal Control come out and dart her. She was then brought to another Val’s Pals volunteers home late that night, drugged up and on a catch pole, along with all of her babies who temp fostered until a very special foster with SAVE that does amazing work with fearful dogs became available. She was finally safe, being fostered through SAVE rescue! Bitsy was so scarred of people and was not sure what to think of human touch and interaction. It took her 3 days to gain just the confidence to stand up and go to the bathroom. Even being is scarred as she was, she never even showed a tooth to any of her rescuers, she would only hide her head. Bitsy has now been in foster care for months, and although she still needs some work to get over some of her fears, she is doing so very much better and is ready to find her forever family. Bitsy will need a very special and patient adopter who will continue the work that her foster family has started. Bitsy currently lives with other dogs and children and has proven to be sweet as pie.

If you can open your home to Bitsy, please visit Save Rescue Coalition – Helping Rescues Help Homeless Pets and fill out their adoption application. You are also welcome to fill one out through Val’s Pals as well if you prefer and we will forward it over to SAVE RESCUE.bitsy112 bitsy111

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