CJ – Sometimes you can’t say no

CJ – Sometimes you can’t say no

The work we do at Val’s Pals is rewarding but rarely easy. Our mission of caring for dogs in the most dire situations means we often see the worst cases of suffering and cruelty. Despite all the dogs we’ve treated, every now and then we come upon a circumstance of abuse so egregious that even seasoned rescuers cannot stomach it.


Our newest boy, CJ, is one such case.

As we struggled to recover financial from Hansel’s vet bills (another cruelty case), we had to close our intake. We can only save as many dogs as we have funding for, and Hansel’s care was financially draining. But last Monday, we received a request for assistance that we could not refuse regardless of our financial standing.


The call came from the Animal Crimes Unit. At first glance, CJ looks like a typical Val’s Pals rescue dog. He’s emaciated, but sadly, this is nothing out of the ordinary for us. However, upon closer inspection, CJ’s real injuries came to light. His evaluation report alludes to a darker, more heinous crime.


“He walks gingerly in his hind quarters. This discomfort appears to be in response to a one inch tear of the anal ring.”


Faced with such a sickening case of cruelty, we could not turn CJ away. And so, despite our lack of funding, CJ became a Val’s Pals pup. While we do not have access to the specific details regarding the charges against CJ’s abuser, we take comfort in the knowledge that this person will be prosecuted for their crimes. While the police do their job, we will do ours: making sure that CJ’s will never again know pain and suffering.


Horrific and nauseating as CJ’s ordeal has been, he is now safe at Val’s Pals, and the pending litigation against his abuser insures that the person who harmed him will be brought to justice. That means no more dogs will be harmed by this individual, and a criminal record will protect people as well.


As a rescue, our pleas for funds are ceaseless. But cases like CJ’s are the reason that your generosity and donations are so very needed. Cruelty cases like CJ, Hansel, Cubby, Stark, and many, many more, are the heart of our rescue. Please consider contributing to CJ’s care. This sweet boy deserves a lifetime of love and happiness, and every dollar you give brings him closer to that. Please consider a donation to allow us to continue helping these dogs in need. You can donate via PayPal here.