dalila06Name: Dalila

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 3 years

Weight: 65 pounds

Status: Available

Adoption Fee: $275

Available for Senior Citizen Program: No

Housebroken: Yes

Basic Commands: Pending

Special Medical Considerations for Adoption: previously hit by a car and pelvis and back leg broke and fractured in multiple places. The injury is old and healed on its own. Does not currently cause her any pain or trouble getting around, running,  playing or jumping. It is unknown by the vets if this injury will cause trouble in her senior days, they say it could but it is very possible that it won’t.

Special Behavioral Needs: None Known – Good Girl

Kids: Yes          Large Dogs: Yes          Small Dogs: Pending          Cats: No


Sweet Dalila gives some of the best and softest doggy kisses, I think it is her way of saying ‘thank you for taking me out of the shelter’.  She has been nice to every dog she has met at the shelter, vet clinic and boarding facility and plays really well with her furry foster brother and 4 other GSDs in her temp fosters home as well.  Dalila’s disposition and temperament is really amazing, she is so incredibly loving that everyone who meets her cannot say enough good things about her. She gets really happy and excited to be loved on, she even does a ‘happy dance’ after she gets her daily rub downs. It is really cute and funny! She loves to cuddle up with her 6 year old human friend and is really gentle with all her humans.  Dalila has wonderful house manners and is a very respectful dog, she will wait and look to you for direction. She always listens and does her best to figure out what it is you are asking her to do.  She rides great in the car, walks well on a leash, listens well, and is eager to please.  Due to Dalila’s previous injury, she probably would do best as just a household companion dog. Anyone who adopts Dalila will be one lucky human! This sweet girl just loves life and loves her people, all she wants in life is to be loved unconditionally forever. If you adopt Dalila, you will be adding in one of the all around greatest girls to your family that’s out there.


Dalila, A German Shepherd Dog was turned into the shelter by her owners that no longer wanted her. She had very minimal time to make it out alive, we took her off the euthanasia list the day she was set to be put to sleep.  Dalila has had a few litters of puppies so we are assuming that she might have been used for breeding.  Her toenails were very long and she does not have much muscle in the back end, due to previously being hit by a car in her past, the injury has healed on its own.  Her ears bothered her so much that she would yelp when we touched them.  We were surprised how bad her condition was due to just coming from her ‘home’.  Now that Dalila is safe with Val’s Pals, her days are looking up.  She was a very happy girl from day one despite her poor physical condition. She is all healed up and feels like a million bucks now!