I Am The GSD

I Am The German Shepherd Dog

I am a German Shepherd Dog

I am a German Shepherd Dog

Let me tell you a little about my friends and myself that Google, Wikipedia
and dog breed books will not tell you.

I am a 0 – 8 months old German Shepherd and I am a shark!Let me tell you a little about my friends and myself that Google, Wikipedia, and dog breed books will not tell you.

I will bite, chew and eat everything I see. I hope holes in your pant legs are
OK, and you will not get upset with me. Did you really like those shoes
anyway? I see you throwing them away. I will chew the limbs of your
children, and make them cry but I will not understand why. I will upset your
senior dog so much that he/she might wish I would die. If I do not get at
least 8 to 10 hours of play throughout the day, you will not want me one
more day. I want to learn, I want to please, but you need to spend lots and
lots of time showing me how you want me to be. I Am A German Shepherd

I am a young German Shepherd 8 months to 2 years old, also known as
what one might call a hell hound. I will likely learn how to open your doors,
unlock your gates and unlatched and let myself out of my crate. I hope you
remembered to leave your blinds up because if you forgot, I will open them
up for you in a way that you might not appreciate. I hope you have enough
time to exercise my body and my mind or I will likely throw a fit and destroy
your whole house while you are gone. I do not mean to be bad; I am just
so smart and get bored fast! Even though I am one of the smartest dogs in
the world, I have yet to learn how to watch TV or read a book while you are
gone, so getting into the trash and eating your couch will pacify my time. If
you have an older dog that doesn’t like to play, my annoying behavior might
send your senior dog to an early grave. I really love my new expensive dog
bed and toys and I plan to show you how much I love those things by
making sure they get destroyed. I need you to walk me, run me, train me,
play with me and take me everywhere you go since my OFF button works
really slow. If you do not have the time to pacify my body and mind, you
will regret it, although I mean no harm. I really love my human kids, I love
them so much I will knock them over, sit on top of them, chew up their arms
and legs and relentlessly try to get them to play. When I get excited and
want to go outside to run and play, I will practically take you out at the door
during my younger days. I have no idea I am not a 20-pound puppy
anymore and can actually hurt someone, I do not mean to Mom and Dad.
Please teach me and be patient with me as your well-behaved German
Shepherd dog is on the way one day.

I am a 2 to 4-year-old German Shepherd. I am a busy body that is not
ready to grow old. I still do all the things I did in my younger years but now I
understand you are busy too and I might let you slide with my constant
stimulation a time or two. Make no mistake, do not take my calmer days for
granted as I still am very capable of destroying anything in sight should I get
pushed to the back of your life. I now know the rules, I now mind my
manners but I need your time just as much now and it really matters. If you
do not have the time to make me your number one priority, please pass on
me and move to someone with more seniority.

I am a 4 to 6-year-old German Shepherd, and I am a good dog! I still want
you to play with me but only and hour or two will do. I love to walk around
the block but I will not ask you to run until you plop. I likely will not eat your
shoes or your socks, but if I get bored I might eat rocks. I have just enough
energy to play with your younger pup, but not so much to make your senior
dog want to drop. I will bond with your little humans, I will make them my
own, but now I understand that their arm is not a dog bone.

I am a 6-year-old plus German Shepherd, I am the best dog and the best
companion! I still play, but without with craziness, just a game of fetch here
and there will do and I will do anything in the world just to please you. I will
await your return calmly while you are away, I trust that you will be back
today. I am a smart breed by nature and I will still train, just teach me what
you want me to do and I am all about living my life for you. I am a loyal
breed by nature and I will still bond, even with your little ones. I have
experienced a life with no love, and make no mistake that I am wise
enough to appreciate all the love you have to give, all I need is the chance
to live. I have so much love and loyalty to offer. I will appreciate all the
things you do, and I will not ask too much of you. A walk around the block on
a cool evening would be nice and a good movie and cuddle time on the
couch will be the highlight of my life. I still like to play with toys, so please
still buy me some but I promise I will not ruin them all like I did when I was
young. I will appreciate your love more than you could ever imagine, I
promise I will forever be your faithful companion.

I am a very hairy German Shepherd, did you know that every meal you eat
will be served with a side of my hair, and maybe a dash in your morning
coffee too. I hope you like to vacuum and sweep a lot since I am one of the
few double-coated dogs that shed more than not. Premium air filters are a
must and be ready to change it twice as much. Brush me every day and
this helps so much. The Texas summer heat is more than I can take; I
prefer not to be tortured every summer day.

I am a Velcro dog, also known as the German Shepherd. I want to be with
you always and right under your feet. If you put me outside or lock me
away I will get very sad, bored and destructive and try to run away. I want
to be family, I want to protect you with my life but if I am ignored and locked
away I will likely let a burglar right on in with the hopes they are there to
rescue me from the prison I am in.

I am a Velcro dog. Did you actually think going to the bathroom without me
is okay? Don’t you dare shut that door or I will have a panic attack, I have
to keep watch on you even when you are taking a nap. If you shut the door
on me, I will scratch all the paint away, I do not mean to be a bad dog but I
have to know you are okay.

I am not a big, tough dog, I am the German Shepherd. I am sensitive and
so in tune with you that I hurt when you are upset with me and I do not
know what to do. Please do not ever lose your patience with me, I love you
and I want to make you happy but please provide me with the training and
stimulation that I need.

I am silly, goofy and love to make you laugh, I am the German Shepherd. I
will have bursts of puppy play, all the way through my final days.
My hips will likely go out; it is just a matter of when. Please do not let this
stop you from adopting me; I have so much more than good hips to give.

I am not going to be the easiest dog to own, but if you provide me with all
the tools I need, I promise I will be the best dog you have ever owned.
If you love me unconditionally and treat me as family, I will protect you with
my life to the best of my ability for all my days to come, I am your protector,
your German Shepherd dog.

I will be great with your human children, but please do not let them take
advantage of me. I really am not a fan of your kids riding me and stealing
bones from me. Please teach them to respect me so I can do my job, and
be their forever-faithful companion and guardian. I am the family dog, the
German Shepherd.

I am totally fine with your friends and family coming over, I love to make
new friends too but do not forget to properly introduce me so I do not
mistake them for a stranger that is coming over to hurt you. I am your
protector, the German Shepherd dog.

I am eager to please and will be everything you want me to be, as long as
you understand all my stages and my breed as well as provide me with
everything I need. I Am The German Shepherd Dog.