Surrender Your Dog

Are you considering turning in your dog? If so, we would like to share some information with you.

Did you know that German Shepherds are in the top 3 most popular breeds and along with that comes, they are also in the top 3 to be turned into the shelters? Sadly, over 80 percent of the dogs that are turned into Houston Shelters, do not ever make it out alive. Did you know if you surrender your dog to a crowded shelter, it gets put on the euthanasia list for close of business the day you dropped it off?  Please consider this before taking your dog to a shelter.   If your dog is picked up as a stray, the law states that the shelters have to hold your dog for 3 business days to give you time to find it, after those 3 days are up, it goes on to the euthanasia list for close of business on the third day.  On average, one Houston area shelter alone can receive over 300 dogs in one weekend.  This is not a shelter problem, but an irresponsible owner problem and irresponsible breeding. Val’s Pals Rescue will also be focusing on outreach in our community, to educate the public about the homeless dog problem in the Houston area.

We realize some people truly love their dog but for unfortunate reasons, can no longer keep it, if this is you, you will qualify for our program that will help you re-home your dog. Please read details below.

We offer a program where you can foster your own dog through our rescue. To qualify for this program, your dog needs to be up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and spayed or neutered.  We will come over to meet you and your dog, do a proper temperament test to make sure the dog is adoptable or if it will need a type of special need home. You will be required to sign an owner surrender contract agreeing to give us legal possession and rights to the dog, but will also be required to sign a foster contract, stating that you agree to foster your own dog until we are able to get it re-homed using our adoption program. You will not be allowed to give your dog away, sell your dog or take it to a shelter once this process is completed and contracts are signed, the dog will only go to adopters that have been approved to adopt by our rescue.  We strongly urge you to consider fostering your dog if you can no longer keep it, we do not have a facility, and we are short on foster homes and funds and might not be able to help you at all. This is the best way to re-home your dog and ensure that it goes to a good home. 


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