Katy Rice Harvest Festival

sargeautumnThis weekends Katy Rice Harvest Festival was a HUGE success for Val’s Pals. 100’s of festival visitors stopped by our booth each day to see and pet some of our awesome dogs and talk to our volunteers about adopting a German Shepherd Dog.  We gained several awesome new volunteers and received several applications to adopt some of our dogs. Events like this really help Val’s Pals get their name out there, the more people that see us and the amazing dogs we are fostering the more lives we will save.

Delila was the star of the show on Saturday, she stood at the end of her leash out in the middle of the walkway and pawed at people as they walked by, of course this made them stop and pet her and drew a large crowd to our booth.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers that made it possible for us to be there this weekend!

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