misha1 Name: Misha

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Color: Sable

Age: 3-5 years

Weight: Currently 56 lbs but needs to be 80-85 lbs.

Medical information: Misha has a permanently damaged ear, which will never stand again, due to a stubborn ear infection. She’s currently undergoing treatment for the bacteria in her ears. Once Misha has gained some more weight, we will have her x-rayed to discover if she has any hip problems, or if the pain she’s experiencing is simply from being so underweight. She will at the same time be spayed (if she isn’t already; there’s not solid proof that she is or isn’t at this point due to her terrible underweight).

About Misha: She’s our sweet big girl from Fort Bend Animal Control. She is doing great! Gaining weight but still has a good 20 lbs+ to gain and we are still battling with her ear infection, but she is coming along quite nicely. Misha has proven to be great with all dogs she has met, and her kitty cat friends too! Very friendly and loving towards everyone she meets. We sure hope that we can find a nice home for this sweet girl to live out the rest of her life knowing but love and care. She has proven to be something really special. She is slowly starting to feel better, and she does have small “play tantrums” where she will pick up a ball or a toy and shake it in her mouth. Misha is crate trained, house broken and knows basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’.

If you would like to be pre-approved to take Misha home when she is ready, please fill out our online adoption application.