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* Have any of your current or past pets been bred or have had a liter or fathered a litter? YesNoN/A

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* Have you ever had to take one of your own pets to a shelter? YesNoNever Had Pets

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* Have you ever had a dog stolen off of your property? YesNoNever Had Pets

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Were you able to get the dog back?YesNo

Did you offer a reward for the dog?YesNo

* Have you ever had to rehome a dog?YesNoYes, but I found itNever had pets

* Have you purchased from a breeder before?YesNoNo current pets

* Have you adopted from a shelter before? YesNoNever had Pets

* Have you adopted from a non-profit rescue before?YesNoNever had Pets

If yes, which rescue:

Other information that you would like to share about your past or current pets:

Please provide us with all the vet clinics you have used in the past 5 years. (We will be calling your vet to complete a reference check, you will need to call them and give them permission to talk to us before we can complete your application)

* Vet Clinic 1

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Your Wants, Needs and Goals for a new dog.

* What breed of dog are you interested in adopting?

* Have you done your research on this breed?YesNoSome

If so, what have you learned about the breed you are wanting to adopt?

* Does everyone in your household agree to getting this breed?YesNoHave Not Asked

* Who will be the main caregiver for the dog?

* On an average day of your lifestyle, how many hours a day will the dog be left alone?

* Where will the dog stay when you are away from the home?

* Where will the dog stay when you are home?

* Where will the dog sleep?

* Do you have/or plan to install a dog door? YesNo

* Are you familiar with crate training?YesNoSome

* Are you willing to potty train your new dog? YesNo

* Are you willing to go to obedience training with your new dog? YesNoMaybe

* What training methods will you use?

* How will you discipline your dog?

* How will you socialize your new dog?

If you own a truck, will your dog:Ride in the bed freelyRide in the bed leashedRide in the bed cratedNone of those

* Which of the following reasons will result in you giving up your dog? (Check all that apply) MovingFleas/TicksDestructiveBitingBecomes AggressiveToo BigDiggingChewingDoesn't PlayToo RoughUnable to HousetrainJumps on PeopleGot SickGot InjuredGot Too OldHaving a BabyLosing JobGetting Divorced/Break-UpPersonal Health and can no longer care forToo much WorkNot Having Enough Time for, Unfair to DogNone of the Above

* If you have to give up your dog, where will you take it?

* If something happens to you, what plans do you have lined up for your dog?

* What types of confinement will you use for your dog? (Check all that apply) ChainedGaragePatioOutdoor run/KennelFenced in Yard/ Free RoamDog HouseBarnCrateHouseSpecial Indoor Dog RoomOther

If Other, Please explain:

* What types of identification will you use for this dog?

* Who will keep the dog when you are out of town?

If you need to board your dog, what boarding facility do you plan to use?

How much money is in your range to spend per day on pet sitting / boarding ($ Per day)

* How much money annually do you anticipate on spending for the dogs general care and food?

* If the dog gets sick or injured, what is the max amount you will spend on medical care?

* What activities would you like to do with your dog?

* Do you plan to take your new dog on regular walks? YesNoMaybe

* Do you own a pool?YesNoNo, but plan to get one

If yes, Would you be willing to fence it in? YesNo

* Would you like your dog to swim with you? YesNoDoes not Matter

If yes, Are you willing to purchase a life jacket? YesNoI will always be in the pool with the dog

* Do you plan to take your dog to the dog park? YesNoDepends on the dog I adopt

* Do you need a dog that is good with kids under the age of 10? YesNo

* Do you need a dog that is good with cats? YesNo

* Do you need a dog that is good with other large dogs? YesNo

* Do you need a dog that is good with small dogs? YesNo

* Are you able to commit to keeping a dog for at least 10 years or longer? YesNoNot Sure

Any other information you are looking for in a dog or would like us to know?

* List up to 5 dogs you are interested in adopting by name, In order starting from your first choice:

We will need a minimum of 2 references to complete your application. Your application will be declined immediately without references. Please let them know we will be calling . Due to being all volunteers, it can take up to 10 days to complete reference checks. Please let your references know that most volunteers calling work full time jobs and have families so for them to please be ready to answer a call from a strange number so we do not end up playing phone tag for days. We will always call at least one reference, the second will depend on your vet reference and first reference. We do not hold dogs. There is no guarantee you will get any of the dogs you list on this application.

Reference 1 (Non-Family Member)

* Name

* Phone #

Reference 2 (Family Member)

* Name

* Phone #

Pet Sitter (If you have one)


Phone #

How did you hear about us?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application. Our goal is to match the right dog with the right family. After your application is looked over and references are completed, a volunteer will contact you about completing a home visit. We will not adopt out any dogs until we have completed the home visit process. Please be prepared to have a volunteer come to your home.

I understand this application is to adopt a Val's Pals dog. I understand that if I do not fill it out fully or truthfully, this will result in my application being declined.

I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions stated in the adoption and the adoption application policy.

We are an all volunteer based rescue, we work out of our homes and do not have a facility. The number of dogs we can save solely relies on the amount of foster homes and funds available. German Shepherds are one of the most turned in dogs in the Houston area shelters and some of our Houston shelters have an 80% euthanasia rate and less than a 20% adoption rate. Houston is also known for having one of the largest rates of homeless and stray dogs. Please consider joining us and helping us help these dogs.

Most dogs that the rescue takes in, cost more to get healthy enough to adopt out than what we charge for the adoption fee. Most dogs require all shots, de-worming, spay/neuter, most times heartworm treatment, and any other medicals needed such as mange, surgeries, etc.

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