Senior Citizen Companionship Program

We have a passion for human senior citizens that would love to live with a furry companion, senior citizen dog and share their senior citizen days together of the good life. Val’s Pals understands that there are many senior citizens out there that would love a dog, but are either on a fixed income and the expense is too much, or they worry who will take the dog if something happens to them. Our goal is to place senior dogs with senior citizens while still remaining property of Val’s Pals; this way it will remain our responsibility to provide medical care and our volunteers will assist in taking the dogs to their vet appointments. We will have a volunteer who will do welfare checks often to ensure that our senior citizen along with their senior companion dog are doing well. Val’s Pals will always take these dogs back when and if needed, or if and when the time comes that are senior citizen can no longer care for the dog. If you are over the age of 71, you qualify for this program. Please fill out our online adoption application and be sure to state your age and that you are interested in a senior dog.