Unintentional Foster

Unintentional Foster

I have had dogs most of my life, there were times here and there when I was younger that I didn’t, but there has been dogs in my life more years than there hasn’t. Poodles to Rottweilers, mixed breed to pure, small, large, skinny, fat, hyper to mellow. I have had them all. As different as all of these dogs were they all had a few things in common, things I see with every dog. Unconditional love and trust in their humans.

Unfortunately people don’t always return that love and millions of dogs wind up in shelters or on the streets. I’ve made some bad choices in my past in regards to some of the dogs I’ve had, I think most people have.

A little over 3.5 years ago I was starting a tattoo and was meeting with the artist that was going to do the work for the first time. We became friends and I ended up at his house one night to help with fixing his security cameras. Him and his wife had a houseful of German Shepherds and several half German Shepherd puppies that his wife had rescued from one of the local shelters (She saved the mom and NINE puppies) When his wife came home he introduced me and she “jokingly” tried to convince me I need to adopt one of the pups named Ozzy.

We already had two senior Dachshunds, 13 years old and I wasn’t sure how they wold deal with a puppy that was more than twice their size. We also had two cats and a 3 year old grand daughter in the house. When I got home that night I told my wife she was lucky I didn’t come home with a dog. Her response was pretty much…”why not” Needless to say I called them up and told them we wanted Ozzy.

That friendship resulted in not one, but two amazing dogs joining our family, making some amazing friends and my wife and I joining a rescue that helps save dogs lives.

I never intended to foster rescued dogs, we had a houseful already. I helped with the website and offered to help with events, transport and things like that. I was doing something to help and it felt great. Eventually we got asked to foster, you see most rescues are run by volunteers and rely on foster families to place dogs in. If there is no family available these dogs don’t stand a chance in the shelters. We became fosters to help save one more dog. It was the best decision I think I have ever made.

Autumn was our first foster, she was skinny, scared and had a few medical issues but she had nothing but love in her heart. She had had a tough life and was dropped off in the dump by her “family” As tough as her life up until that point had been all it took was a little love for her to show what an amazing dog she was.

It has been about 3 that the rescue has been up and running, in that 3 years I have seen dogs on the brink of death turn into amazing family members. I have seen a group of people that previously were strangers all come together to help each other and the dogs we have taken in to save.

I’m glad this rescue found me, sure there are sad stories but for every sad one there is 10 happy ones.

Dogs aren’t born mean, they learn that from their human family. In your dogs eyes you are perfect. Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Below are my dogs Mina and Ozzy and some of the dogs that have spent time in our home.