Volk’s Tale: When a Rescue Becomes the Rescuer

Volk’s Tale: When a Rescue Becomes the Rescuer

The name “Volk” is Russian for “wolf”, but unlike his wild namesake, Volk is part of a pack that is always changing. Volk’s humans are avid German Shepherd Dog rescuers, and Volk is an essential part of the rehabilitation and recovery of each foster pup that comes into his home. Each sick, frightened, and desperate dog that goes through Volk’s rescue pack is healed and trained as much by Volk as his human family.

Volk’s story began much like the stories of the dogs he fosters. Wormy, mangy, and riddled with parasites, he sat by the side of the road with his three litter mates while his owner tried to sell them. The puppies were far too young to be separated from their mother, and they were sickly and miserable. A kind-hearted stranger saw their plight and stepped in. She first attempted to educate the seller, but greed superseded compassion, and her pleas were ignored. Desperate to save the lives of the four puppies, the Good Samaritan purchased all the dogs. She then turned them over to Val’s Pals to ensure they went to the very best homes.

Once properly vetted and rehabilitated, all four puppies were adopted into loving families. Now a spoiled and beloved pet, Volk continually pays forward the kindness shown to him that day by the road. He trains and socializes each foster pup that comes through his new home. While the humans love and care for the pups, it’s Volk’s nurturing that truly trains them. He teaches them how to respond to commands. He shows them how to fetch the paper. The puppies master house-training in record-time. He models perfect behavior, and they follow his guidance.

Volk’s success as a rescuer is so remarkable that all his foster pups are now given the title “TBV” (Trained by Volk). Once a rescue dog himself, he’s now become one of the most valuable rescuers in the community.

Looking at Volk today, you would never guess that his life began as a sickly puppy with a price tag. Loyal, gentle, and majestic in stature, Volk is the quintessential German Shepherd Dog. Volk’s TBV pack changes every few months as one foster leaves to join their forever home and another takes their place. But during their time in Volk’s pack they learn what it means to be loved and protected under the guidance of a dog whose story began much like theirs.