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Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue

Welcome to Val’s Pals German Shepherd Dog and Large Paw Rescue Houston, Texas. Thank you so much for volunteering and giving some of your time to the dogs of Val’s Pals, with volunteers like yourself, it makes it possible for us to save more German Shepherds and other large breed dogs needing our help in and around the Houston area. As a volunteer, you can put in as much or as little time as you like. Please feel free to jump right on in to help! If there is something you would like to help with, but are unsure how to get started, please always feel free to ask questions and ask for help.


There are many things we will regularly need help with, these are our most common needs.


All Val’s Pals dogs are adopted out of foster homes, we do not have any type of facility that we can hold and adopt out dogs, we are only able to take as many dogs as we have a foster home for. If we only have two fosters, we can only help two dogs. Please consider opening your home and fostering a dog so we can save a life from a certain death. You can foster as many or as few dogs as you would like, even only fostering one dog a year is a huge help and one life saved! If you choose to foster, our foster coordinator will go over our foster guidelines with you at that time and all the details on how fostering will work with our group before you make your final decision on if you are willing to foster for us.


Temporary Foster

If you do not wish to foster until adoption, please consider helping out temporarily with a dog until a long term foster becomes available, this way we will not have to turn a dog away completely but will give them dog a place to stay until we are able to find a better, long term place for a dog.



Vacation Fostering

Vacation fostering is a really big help and money saver for the rescue! If a foster family is going out of town, please consider taking their foster dog while they are away on vacation. If we cannot find a vacation foster, we will have to board the foster dog and this takes away from our funds that could be used to save and medically treat a dog instead of having to use it to board a dog.


Reference Callers

When adoption or foster applications come in, the application coordinator will weed through them, when a good application is received, a plea will go out for a volunteer to help with the reference calls. Applications will consist of a vet reference along with two personal references. If you can help, please respond to the plea with your email and the application coordinator will you send you the application via email, we do not publically post them to the group. Being thorough on your reference checks is very important for many reasons, the two most important reasons to get all the info you can is

*we want to do everything we can to ensure our dogs will be going to a loving home where they will be cared for the rest of their lives.

*we will be sending a volunteer to the home of the applicants if references go well, we do not want to place volunteers in any danger so getting as much info on the applicant from your references is really important to ensure safety as well.


Home Visits

After reference checks are completed and if all looks good, we will start looking for a volunteer to complete a home visit. If you see a home visit in your area of town, we would really appreciate it if you offer to go and complete the home visit for us. Home visits are done so we can see the environment our dogs will be living in and gives us a chance to meet the adopter / foster face to face and get to know them a little better. You will be sent all the guidelines for a home visit and feel free to ask another volunteer or a friend to go along with you.



We get dogs a lot of different ways, people who have found strays, owners trying to re-home their dog they no longer want, and from shelters.  If intake interest you, please contact the intake coordinator for more details.


Social Media and Website

]f you are interested in helping us keep our website updated and other social media sites, please let us know so we can get you all set up to help.



We get most our publicity from our events. If you are fostering one of our dogs, we ask that you do your best to make it out to our events to give potential adopters a chance to meet your foster dog. If you do not have a foster dog, please consider bringing someone else’s foster dog, events are where sometimes adopters first meet and fall in love with their future dog.  If you do not have a foster dog to bring, please come anyways! We could always use the help talking to potential adopters or volunteers about our rescue group. This is also a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers!




We cannot save and help dog without the funds to do so. If you have any great fundraising ideas, please get in touch with our event and fundraising coordinator so you’ll can work together on planning a fundraiser. If you are not in the planning process, please help us advertise our fundraiser and attend if it all possible. The more people we have helping the rescue raise money, the more dogs we can save!



This is much needed since we will be getting dogs from all around the Houston and surrounding areas and will have foster families in different cities and locations. Please consider giving a dog a ride, out of the shelter, to a vet or boarding, to an event, or to its foster home. Some peoples work schedules won’t always give them the freedom to get a dog across town at the time it’s needed so please consider volunteering your time here and there so our dogs can get to where they need to go. We will send out a transport plea and if you can help, you will be working with our transportation coordinator.


Bio – Writing and Newsletters

If you are a great writer, we could really use your help!



*senior citizen program – We have a passion for human senior citizens that would love to live with a furry companion, senior citizen dog and share their senior citizen days together of the good life. Val’s Pals understands that there are many senior citizens out there that would love a dog, but are either on a fixed income and the expense is too much, or they worry who will take the dog if something happens to them. Our goal is to place senior dogs with senior citizens while still remaining property of Val’s Pals; this way it will remain our responsibility to provide medical care and our volunteers will assist in taking the dogs to their vet appointments. We will have a volunteer who will do welfare checks often to ensure that our senior citizen along with their senior companion dog are doing well. Val’s Pals will always take these dogs back when and if needed, or if and when the time comes that are senior citizen can no longer care for the dog. Anyone over the age of 71 qualifies for this program. Val’s Pals will need volunteers willing to work with senior citizens and provide monthly welfare checks along with taking the provided food and heartworm and flea preventative to give to the dog during the welfare check visit, if helping with this interest you, please let us know.Bottom of Form



Any time you can give to Val’s Pals Rescue is truly appreciated and valued! Thank you so very much for giving some of your valuable time to help us save these precious lives, because of volunteers like yourself, we will be able to get dogs out of bad situations or save from a certain death and get them into homes where they will live a life of love and care. No question is ever too silly, so always feel free to ask any questions. Please help us recruit any animal lovers that would be willing to help us, and tell your friends!! Thank you for becoming a Val’s Pals Volunteer!!!